About Me

Welcome to the TOLL-ART Journey

I spent most of my life living on the Mornington Peninsula. Now a current resident of the Gippsland community. I have always had a passion for Art ‘n’ Craft beginning from early childhood and developing my own style over many years through self taught and mentoring by friends, family, teachers and lecturers.

I have a wide range of influences from Renaissance Art to Contemporary Art, with one of my main passions in Cartooning.
I am inspired by such artists as Robert McKimson (Creator of Looney Tunes Cartoons), Walt Disney, Michael Leunig and Mark Knight (Newspaper Cartoonists).

In 2005 I completed a Diploma of Arts – Visual Arts, with a major in Painting and minor in Printmaking.

I draw great inspiration from the artworks by the Master of inventions and anatomy, Leonardo da Vinci. With the extravagant religious imagery and his magnificent photo-like portraiture, my most recent oil paintings have been influenced from these pieces. Also the likes of Claude Monet & Vincent van Gogh have been of great influence with their techniques.

For a few years with health issues, during my journey and my recovery, I use my artwork as therapy to express my thoughts and feelings represented in a floral theme.

With recent pieces include a series expressing the journey I have gone through with my health, starting a new beginning, regaining my healthy lifestyle and development of my artistic talent.

Beginning of 2010 to now I have and continue to broadened my knowledge in Art Therapy and Natural Healing to assist others with their journeys and the launch of Toll-Art Therapy. http://www.tollarttherapy.com

The past few years I have focus on Counselling, Natural Healing, Crystal Healing, Art and Craft projects, Art Therapy and Website Designing.

I’m currently working with new materials to expand my creativity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to build on my Art Therapy skills to help others.

Toll-Art is also learning new art skills to improve creativity and develop further as an Artist. Your never to old to learn and throughout our lifetime learning helps keep the mind well balanced.

2015 will also be focusing on regular updates to my journey on Toll-Art Therapy and expanding Toll-Art with new designs available to purchase.